In 2003, beActive Entertainment created the world’s first interactive multiplatform TV series for RTP, Sofia’s Diary (Diário de Sofia), a TV series that became a global hit and has reached an audience of more than 500 million viewers and has been shown in 30 countries including China, Brazil, and Australia.


Five years later, beActive produced Sofia’s Diary for Channel 5 and received a Broadcast Awards nomination for the UK version of the series. C21 Magazine classified Sofia’s Diary as “one of the iconic TV shows of the decade” and Broadcast Magazine wrote that “Sofia’s Diary helps to write the history of Television in the UK”.

After this initial success, beActive Entertainment has created and produced Beat Generation, Flatmates, the Kidscreen Award-winner Aisling’s Diary, and the Emmy-nominated TV series Final Punishment, Beat Girl, and Collider. In North America, beActive co-produced two HBO Canada TV Shows: Living in Your Car and The Line, featuring Linda Hamilton and Ed Asner.

More recently, beActive produced and released the TV documentary The Stand Ups for Irish broadcaster TV3, and The Players (Os Jogadores), a fictional series set in the eSports world, for RTP1.


TV Shows Produced


  • The Players (Portugal, 2016). TV Pilot – 1 * 90’. Broadcaster: RTP (Portugal).
  • The Stand Ups (Ireland, 2015). TV Documentary – 2 * 45’. Broadcaster: TV3 (Ireland).
  • Beat Girl: The TV Series (Ireland/UK/Portugal, 2013). Kids Emmy Nominated TV series Broadcasted in Portugal (SIC Radical), UK, Ireland, US, Sweeden.
  • Market Flavours (2013). Producer for FOX International Channels.
  • Collider: The TV Series (Ireland/Portugal, 2013). Emmy Nominated TV series Broadcasted in Portugal (SIC Radical), UK, Denmark, China and Japan.
  • The Club (2012). Produced for Setanta Sports Ireland.
  • Yes I Can (2012). Produced for Setanta Sports Ireland.
  • Living in Your Car (Canada, 2010-2011). Produced in Canada for HBO Canada.
  • Flatmates (Portugal, Romania and Greece2009-2010).
  • The Line (Canada, 2008-2009). Produced in Canada for HBO Canada.
  • Aisling’s Diary (Ireland, 2008-2010). Two times Kidscreen winner TV Series. Broadcasted in Ireland (RTÉ), Australia (ABC) and Sweden (SVT).
  • Final Punishment: The TV Series (Portugal/Brazil, 2009). TV Series nominated to the International EMMY and Rose D’ Or awards.
  • Sofia’s Diary (Several territories, 2003-2010). Produced for Sony Pictures Television. 

The Line

The Stand Ups

Aisling's Diary