Journey to New Atlantis- beActive’s new adventure game is in development

Journey to New Atlantis is a post-apocalyptic adventure game for the age range 8 – 12 for PC/Mac with a complimentary application for mobile devices. The game follows Lana and her friend Marco in their quest to find water for Lana’s ill grandfather, in a world almost completely dried up. Lana’s grandfather tells them of an oasis city called New Atlantis, and the two children will need to brave sandstorms, roving bands of survivors, and traverse wonderful landscapes that show humankind’s effect on the environment.

A point-and-click adventure mix of Pixar films and the classic Journey to the West set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game shows the effects of human industry on the planet and educates them that anyone can contribute to a different, better tomorrow.The game will lead the player through encounters like jumping off skyscrapers buried in sand with a dune buggy, walk through a gigantic spaceship that has crashed into a mountain, and outrun men dressed in armadillo armor made from salvaged scrap metal.