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beActive’s film credits include The Knot (released by Universal Pictures in the UK), Beat Girl and Collider (both distributed internationally by Content Film), Final Punishment and the theatrically-released documentary Road to Revolution.


In 2014, Nuno Bernardo, beActive’s managing director was selected by the European Film Promotion agency as “Producer on the Move” at the Cannes Film Festival and was selected to the Producers Lab Toronto. beActive’s next movie is Soco no Escuro (Punch in the Dark), a coming-of-age story set in the world of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.


Films Released


  • Punch in The Dark – Soco no Escuro (Portugal/Ukraine, 2017). In Pre-production.
  • A Estrada da Revolução – Road to Revolution (Portugal, 2014). Documentary released in Portugal in February 2014.
  • Collider (UK/Ireland, 2013). Released in Portugal and Ireland. Selected to the Geneva Film Festival.
  • Beat Girl (The UK, Ireland, and Portugal, 2013). Released in Portugal, Ireland, and the UK. Story by.
  • The Knot (UK/Portugal, 2012) Featuring Noel Clarke and Mena Suvari. Released by Universal in the UK.
  • Final Punishment (Portugal/Brazil, 2009). Premiered in the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival.

The Knot

Road to Revolution