Development continues on Sixth Sense High Sci-Fi TV Series

beActive has been developing Sixth Sense High Sci-Fi TV Series in the last year and a TV Pilot will be shot later 2017. The story of Sixth Sense High TV Series focuses on Sara, a Portuguese girl that saw her world turned upside now when she predicted a classmate’s death. Since her 18th anniversary, she’s been facing strange events in her life. A painful headache, some visions of events that she can’t understand and very often hears voices that she can’t explain. After the death prediction and facing the attention of the media, she joins Temple High.

Temple High appears to be like any other school. Isolated at the top of a mountain in the small city of Tomar in Portugal, the centenary school headed by the mysterious Dr. Campbell. But beneath its professional façade lies ancient mysteries that evoke the presence of the Knights Templar. Some say that the lost Templar Treasure was moved from France to here and is hidden somewhere. Since its beginning, the institution welcomes the outcasts, young students from all over Europe, teenagers with special skills or supernatural capacities that make them pariahs in the outside world, but perfect ts for this unique High School.

Each episode in the series will revolve around Sara. Her relationship with Zach, a local boy she met when she tried to escape Temple High, and with Darian, a colleague at the school that will also grab her attention. e series will also feature the adventures she will live with her friends Sky, Darian and Tom testing their powers and using them to solve a mystery either from the town, from their past or sparked by a news event. ey are paranormal investigators of the supernatural, helping souls cross over by resolving issues and giving messages to the living, spotting potential disasters and trying to save those involved as well as surviving high school and growing up.

Temple High’s doors are open to a new school year, new and exciting adventures will start. When it’s time for the playground, these students aren’t playing.