beActive releases new book about Transmedia Storytelling

Every producer aspires to design an entertainment brand that can grow into a pop icon, a brand whose storyworld or hero has enough creative potential to power spin-offs and reboots, theme park rides and acres of merchandise. But, how can independents achieve this degree of success if they don’t have one hundred million dollars to spend on a marketing campaign or the time to gamble on a one in a million viral video or game? One of the answers is to use Transmedia Storytelling to build an entertainment brand that can conquer audiences, readers and users around the globe and in a myriad of platforms.

Through his own experience producing transmedia with beActive, Nuno Bernardo developed a step-by-step approach to building long-running Multiplatform Entertainment brands and loyal viewing communities. Now he wants to share his knowledge with filmmakers, television, games, and digital content producers, marketers and brand managers, audiovisual and media students who want to learn a trick or two about how to use stories and a transmedial approach to marketing, advertising and communication to attract audiences and users to their stories and products.

Nuno Bernardo‘s Transmedia franchises have been adapted all across the globe, from the UK to China, conquering tens of millions of loyal fans and featuring in the world’s greatest film and television festivals along the way. Nuno has been nominated for three EMMY awards, two Rose d’ Or awards and won two Kidscreen Awards. Recently he published “Transmedia 2.0”, the follow up to his 2011 best selling book “The Producers Guide to Transmedia”. You can find his books here:

Nuno Bernardo is also a guest blogger at the MIPWORLD and a frequent keynote speaker at the industry’s most prestigious events and festivals, including the Cannes, Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and dozens of Conferences, Seminars and University lectures around the globe. To hire him for your upcoming event or seminar please contact