beActive will present Punch in the Dark at Cannes Film Market

beActive Entertainment will present its upcoming feature film, Punch in the Dark, at the upcoming Cannes Film Market. The movie was written by Nuno Bernardo and is funded by ICA – Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual – will start filming in Lisbon in the Fall, featuring an international cast. beActive will use the Film Market to engage with international sales agents and distributors.

Punch in the Dark is the coming of age story of Pavlo:  a Ukrainian seventeen-year-old boy who’s mother Klavdiya is fleeing their former life and hoping to build a better future for them two thousand miles away, in Lisbon.  Home becomes Mouraria a vibrant neighborhood of the Portuguese capital and a melting pot of over 50 nationalities with tensions that bubble beneath the surface. Here Klavdiya starts to breathe and put down roots while Pavlo struggles to fit into the world that feels alien to him.

Hope comes in the form of Elisa, a bright, beautiful girl who introduces Pavlo to her grandfather who owns the old boxing club at the heart of Mouraria. Through Elisa’s eyes, he starts to see the charm of his new life but still can’t forget his old one. In secret, he makes arrangements to return to the Ukraine and his father. Pavlo’s plans, however, are put on hold when he and Klavdiya cross paths with Toni, a local gangster. The only way to ensure his mother’s safety and his own now lies in Pavlo agreeing to take part in one of Toni’s illegal boxing matches, against the unbeaten local champ, Rafael.